Multiple services

ScheduleOnce allows you to accurately model your scheduling scenarios by adding services to your booking pages. ScheduleOnce services include a wide range of settings, allowing you to vary any setting according to the unique characteristics of each service. This flexibility enables superior customer experience, and better utilization of team members' time.

Multiple scheduling options

For each service, you can specify if bookings should be accepted automatically or with approval, if the service is for a single session or multiple sessions and if the meeting is with one customer or multiple customers simultaneously.

Multiple time management rules

Each service can be configured with its own time slot rules, workload rules, timeframe rules and different time zone conversion rules for the customer.

Completely customizable booking forms

Each service can use a different booking form, allowing you to collect the exact data you need for each scheduling scenario. The collected data is then available for analysis using service-specific reports. Learn more about booking forms

Personalized customer notifications

You can configure different types of customer notifications for each service. Set different confirmation messages, reminders, and even follow-up messages varying by service. Learn more about customer notifications