Service selection

Accurately model your scheduling scenarios by adding services to your booking pages. Each service can have its own unique characteristics and settings.

  • Give your Customers choices

    Display a menu of services to your customers, allowing them to easily make a booking for their service of choice. Service settings can be configured to match the specific offering, including booking settings, notifications, booking form, pricing, cancel/reschedule policy, and more.

  • Use with multiple team members

    Services can be associated with one or more team members. When a customer selects a service, they will either be assigned an available team member who supports that service, or be given a choice of appropriate team members.

  • Complete transparency

    Understanding service booking data is critical to your business. You need to know which services are in demand and which are not, so you can optimize your offerings for the various customer segments you serve. Your services become fully transparent in ScheduleOnce reports, allowing you to analyze the data online or export it to Excel and PDF files.