ScheduleOnce for recruiting & staffing

ScheduleOnce and Reschedge combine online self-scheduling with powerful algorithmic scheduling tools to streamline the interview process and connect candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

  • Automatically coordinate candidate, meeting room, and hiring managers' availability
  • Supports any interview type including one-on-ones, panels, and sequenced onsite interviews
  • Enables self-scheduling of candidate screening calls
Streamlined candidate screening

Both you and the candidate are busy. Even catching someone on the phone to schedule a time to speak later can be a challenge. Online scheduling eliminates the back and forth by allowing candidates to schedule a short call with you at a time that is convenient for both you and them. Candidates will be provided a convenient way to get in touch with you and you can spend your time talking to candidates instead of attempting to reach out to them.

Get candidates in front of hiring managers faster

Scheduling coordinators have to juggle hiring manager and candidate availability, line up panel and sequenced interviews, reserve conference rooms, and deal with last-minute changes. They can spend hours coordinating it all. Reschedge, the world's most advanced algorithmic scheduling engine, was designed specifically to take the hassles out of interview scheduling. Coordinators simply click “Schedule Interview” and create an interview lineup. They can enter the candidate’s availability, and Reschedge takes that into account, along with employee and resource calendars to provide an array of perfect schedule options in a matter of seconds.

Great experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers

ScheduleOnce places the scheduling coordinator in control of all scheduling activities. They can set up interview lineups in a matter of seconds, and manage scheduling changes easily. Coordinators using ScheduleOnce cut down the time spent on scheduling and rescheduling interviews by up to 90%, enabling them to focus on high value activities. The result is a streamlined scheduling process with an improved experience for recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers alike.

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