Automatic redirect

ScheduleOnce allows you to automatically redirect your customers to different webpages after they schedule, reschedule or cancel a booking. This allows you to customize the entire customer experience and lets you accurately track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Customize the post-scheduling flow

    ScheduleOnce allows you to customize the post-scheduling customer experience. Different redirect pages can be specified for different customer actions. This allows you to create different post-scheduling experiences for customers who schedule, reschedule and cancel a booking.

  • Accurately track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

    Accurately segment your leads by defining different redirect pages for different customer actions. By counting leads who schedule a booking separately from those who reschedule or cancel, you can effectively track conversions in your marketing funnel.

  • Your brand at every customer touchpoint

    You work hard to build a branded experience across every customer touchpoint. ScheduleOnce allows you to maintain this at the scheduling and post-scheduling stages. Automatic redirect combined with our many branding features, allow you to offer customers a fully branded experience from start to end.