• Offer scheduling as an escalation path

    In cases where customer problems cannot be resolved in the first interaction, a scheduling solution can offer a clear escalation path. Instead of making your customers wait in the dark until the specific support expert is available, a meeting can be coordinated on the spot with the most appropriate tier-2 support expert. When the appointment time arrives, the team member will be fully prepared with the customer’s case history right at their fingertips. Customer waiting time will be minimized and a resolution will be provided more quickly.

    By promptly scheduling an escalated support session, a vulnerable moment turns into an opportunity to build your customers’ trust and confidence. Scheduled support sessions increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, allowing you to cultivate successful long-term relationships.

  • Schedule support sessions from your portal or app

    The ability to schedule a support session directly from your portal or app is a valuable offering that customers love. When scheduling, customers describe their case and it is routed to the most appropriate team member. As this is a scheduled session, your team member can prepare for the meeting and research the issue before the meeting time. If screen sharing is required, ScheduleOnce web conferencing integration automatically adds session access information to all customer and user notifications.

    You might only want to allow scheduling of direct support sessions to select customer segments, or for a fee. ScheduleOnce login integration allows you to identify the customer and only offer online scheduling to customers on select plans, or to those who are entitled to receive it.

  • Offer scheduled pay-per-incident support

    When offering customers a pay-per-incident support option, the ability to schedule the support session on the spot is crucial for building customer trust and increasing conversions.

    Customers select a time, pay for their session, and receive immediate confirmation of their booking and payment in one single action. ScheduleOnce payment integration ensures that all payment activities including payments, invoicing, and reporting are taken care of in an automated and secure manner.

Joshua Unseth, Director of Marketing


“We no longer have to shuffle through everyone’s schedules and see which technician is available for any given case. ScheduleOnce takes care of everything.”
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