ScheduleOnce for tutoring and eLearning

Make it easy for students to schedule lessons with you and your staff. Bookings flow right into your staff members’ personal calendars.

  • Works great across time zones
  • Complete support for lesson packages
  • Supports multiple lessons types and meeting channels
Sell more sessions

Online scheduling gives you the tools to optimize tutors’ schedules and maximize the number of sessions your team can conduct in a given period of time. If students end up canceling or rescheduling, the time slot will be immediately freed up to accept new bookings. Session packages allow you to offer bookings of multiple lessons at a potentially discounted price, increasing student commitment and loyalty to your organization.

Reduce no-shows

No-shows are at best disruptive to your operations and at worst make a significant dent in your revenue. ScheduleOnce allows you to reduce no-shows from both students and tutors by sending automated confirmations and reminders via email and SMS. All relevant meeting details, including conferencing information, can be included in reminders, ensuring that both parties have all the information to access the meeting right at their fingertips.

User-friendly for your students and tutors

You don’t need to be a “techie” to make bookings or manage them. ScheduleOnce booking pages have a simple and straightforward layout that clearly displays the options available to your students and guides them to the right selection. Once a booking is made, the details are automatically entered into both parties’ calendars. All a student or tutor has to do to keep track of their meetings is refer to their calendar.

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